Bell’s Big Boy Impresses

Since it’s unveiling at Bauma 2016 Bell’s all new B60E dump truck has been impressing customers during a series of demonstration run outs at quarries up and down the UK.

Despite some initial scepticism from tough to convince UK end users, order the Bell B60E has made a massive impact on the sites it has been trialled on. And to be perfectly honest, sildenafil what is there not to like, sales the capacity of a standard rigid truck, but with all wheel traction and far superior manoeuvrability thanks to its articulated chassis its a bit of a no brainer. Applied in its intended application in quarries I think it’s a machine that would be hard to beat, I was certainly impressed with the unit during my visit to the China Clay Pits in Cornwall.


Take a closer look at the Bell B60E by watching this promotional video from the South African manufacturer.

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